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Rod and Tube Drawing

Surface finish improved, drawing loads reduced, longer die life, drawing and mandrel lubes rationalised to a single alkaline/water cleanable stainless steel drawing oil.  Just some of the benefits cited by one of our US clients drawing white metal welded and seamless tubes on converting to our tube drawing oil.  If you are drawing stainless steel or other white metal rods or tubes, talk to Gruebb.  We develop tailor-made bespoke oils aimed to reduce production costs, solvent or water-based cleanable.   Seamless or welded, low to medium/high reductions, pastes and liquids.  We don't list our bespoke oils as these are confidential to clients in Europe and North America.  Please view our standard products below.  Lower Ra with Gruebb.

Stainless steel tubes
Stainless rods and wire
Stainless tube bending


Marine Greases

Ramonol marine greases are well established with sailors and marine engineers. They perform well in applications where excellent lubrication and sea water resistance are required.  Ramonol White is a general-purpose grease, for stern and steering glands etc.  Ramonol Advanced a high performance white grease for all on-board equipment, feathering propellers, jet drives etc.  Now joined by Ramonol Universal for trailer bearings, on-board equipment and also out door equipment such as mountain bikes, mining and farming gear. 

Please see our datasheets for specific applications and "Which Ramonol for you ?" to help selection.  

Ramonol White
Ramonol Advanced
Ramonol Universal
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Deformation Lubricants

Deformation lubricants include those used in heading and other metalworking processess that create parts by shaping metals. Typically, deformation lubricants prevent galling, improve surface finish of components and extend tool life. They can be made cleanable in either solvent or alkaline water-wash systems. Gruebb has extensive experience of formulating cold heading lubricants for carbon and stainless steel fasteners.

Cold heading oils

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